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Concrete Countertops Charlotte NC!

concrete countertops charlotte nc

Offering a wide variety of options in design and customization, Concrete countertops have become a staple of luxury in many Charlotte, NC homes. Concrete is highly resistant to stains and heat, making it the ideal material for kitchen applications.

But not all concrete is created equal. Our concrete countertops are constructed with only the best materials to bring you the highest quality at the most competitive prices. Our materials give each of our designs the following desirable characteristics:

High Strength-to-Weight Ratio: Our concrete is incredibly durable, yet lightweight. All countertop pieces are finished with a scratch-resistant, food-safe sealer, making them virtually indestructable.

Versatility: When it comes to color and customizations, the possibilities are endless! Our team is experienced in both design and construction, and we can help you decide what makes the most sense for your space and the look you’re trying to create!

Stability: Concrete is UV stable, unlike granite and other types of surface materials, making it extremely ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Environmental Sustainability: Because they contain a high amount of recycled content, our concrete mixes are environmentally sustainable and safe. They can even be recycled if/when you decide to renovate your space again!

Affordability & Value: In comparison to other types of surface materials, concrete is a high-value option, simply because of its other advantages. It also provides an affordable solution that can be customized to your liking.

Looking to renovate a kitchen or bathroom in your home? Or perhaps you have a need for a commercial concrete countertops for a space such as a restaurant. Whatever your application, our team is here to help! Fill out the form on this page or call us today at 704-255-4561 for a FREE project estimate.



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