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Despite its hard surface, concrete is like a rigid sponge.  It absorbs everything you put on it.  This is why two coats of sealant is necessary to maintain its appearance.  It is unnecessary to demolition your existing concrete to give you a smooth surface.  Charlotte Concrete Designs will employ a polymer modified cement resurfacing system to renew your concrete.  This process is ideal for driveways, countertops, walkways and patios.  We can repair minor cracks and large crevices within your concrete’s surface.  Concrete failure is typically the result of age, poor installation techniques and intense weather conditions.


Resurfacing your concrete requires that we clean and patch the existing concrete first.  We utilize a high strength 3500 PSI pressure washer to remove the dirt, oil, grease and any deteriorating concrete before applying the resurfacing compound.  If you purchased an older home, chances are that the sidewalk and driveway is in disrepair.  These physical imperfections can cheapen the look of your home.  Allow Charlotte Concrete Designs artisans to upgrade your home.  The process is fun and non-intimidating.  A personable sales representative will arrive to your home with her measuring tape and an arm full of sample books in which to present your design options.


Cracks within the surface of your concrete are typically the result of settling and freeze/thaw cycles.  These tiny imperfections can be an interruption to the eye.  These cracks can also creep across the surface resulting in large crevices and chipping.  Contact us the moment you notice a crack in your concrete’s surface.  We can arrive within the day to remedy the situation.  The following day, your countertop or driveway will be available for use.  The key in caring for concrete is proper maintenance.  Fortunately, its durable characteristics don’t require much effort.  You have no reason to delay maintaining your concrete surface because crack repair is extremely affordable.

Commercial Repair

Due to the increased usage of commercial spaces, diligent repair is imperative.  That last thing you want is to have a customer or employee get their foot caught in a large crevice.  This is a legal liability that you cannot afford.  People tend to take more liberties with other’s property more than their own.  This means that they are less careful and can possible vandalize your property because they have nothing at stake.  Keep a record and photos of areas experiencing concrete failure.  Once we arrive on the premises, we will be able to remedy each problem swiftly and without interrupting normal traffic flow.

Residential Repair

A crack in your countertop can be annoying.  For a smooth surface within a matter of minutes, contact Charlotte Concrete Designs artisans.  You will be able to utilize the area within hours.  Crevices in your driveway can be detrimental to your home’s aesthetic and your personal safety.  We’ve seen concrete failure large enough for a foot to become trapped.  If you have a party and someone happens to fall and hurt themselves, you will have left yourself wide open to legal liability and malfeasance.  Good luck with having the city repair your sidewalk.  If you want to avoid the red tape and long waiting list, hire your local concrete artisans to make your sidewalk better than new.

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