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Concrete installations are very labor intensive and require at least two people to do the job correctly.  For fifteen years we have been installing concrete in the Charlotte metropolitan area.  We’ve got our technique down to a science yet continue to make modifications when new materials and techniques are introduced on the market.  Charlotte Concrete Designs is skilled enough to install the simplest concrete driveway to the most elaborate stained and stamped wall.  We are versed in residential and commercial installations.  In both situations, we are discrete, courteous, swift and unobtrusive.  When installing concrete in commercial environments, we are able to work during non operating hours to prevent business disruption.


Get rid of that outdated asphalt driveway.  It’s cracked, peeling and cheapens the look of your home.  Instead, opt for a sophisticated stamped driveway with a diamond tile stamp and deep chocolate hue.  The entire process takes about 72 hours and in the end you will have a beautiful surface on which to park your vehicles for decades to come.  If you’d like a simple driveway, we can edge it, seal it with a clear coat, add some joint lines to account for soil adjustments then finish with subtle brush strokes.  Concrete is slippery when wet, therefore some texture is necessary.


Once you obtain a Right of Way Use permit from the municipality of Charlotte, we can install a new sidewalk in front of your home or office.  If concrete sidewalks were installed around a large tree, chances are it has buckled and broken due to the growth and root movement.  Not only is this unsightly, but it is very dangerous.  Even when paying attention, it is very easy to trip over a broken slab.  Even though it is the city’s responsibility to maintain the sidewalk’s structure, if a person injures themselves in front of your property, their attorney will attempt to get money from any source available.

Commercial Flooring

We have installed concrete flooring in cupcake shops, breweries and coffee shops.  Wineries and restaurants have benefited as well.  More and more businesses are choosing concrete flooring as a viable option because they are impervious to water, economical and extremely durable.  Unlike wood flooring, they require minimal maintenance.  Wood is sensitive to moisture and requires the perfect blend of water, cleanser and oil to maintain.  In high traffic areas, wood begins to appear worn and dirty within a short period of time.  Rugs and carpet must be vacuumed daily and shampooed monthly.  Having your logo stamped on a newly installed concrete floor with a subtle stain is a great way to expand brand awareness.

Decorative Concrete Patio

Your patio doesn’t have to be made out of wood or composite materials.  Choose the more durable concrete option.  We have all  been to a bar-b-cue hosted on a faded and warped outdoor patio.  It was obvious that the owner skipped out on a few years of maintenance.  With concrete patios there is no need to stain and seal the surface annually.  There are no slats to replace and no nail pop ups to remedy.  Sweet honey barbecue sauce and light beer have no effect on beautifully stained concrete.  Allow Charlotte Concrete Designs to custom install a unique decorative patio in perfect alignment with your personal tastes.

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