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Concrete driveways bring an elegance to driveways that was previously only obtainable with expensive stones.  Instead of spending $65 a square foot for a cobbled stone surface, Charlotte Concrete Design can install a concrete driveway in cobbled stone or rustic brick utilizing a stamping procedure.  A concrete surface will not dislodge and chip the way a brick surface can.  Increase the curb appeal of any home or business with an expertly stained driveway.  There are several videos on the Internet boasting how you can do it yourself.  First you need the time and at least one other set of hands to do the job properly.  Secondly, you need the tools and expertise that can only be acquired through years of experience.  Skip the drama and hire professional concrete artisans.

Concrete Benefits

Concrete is a terrible heat conductor, which means that it can withstand extremely high temperatures.  If you are concerned with your environmental footprint, concrete is an ecologically friendly alternative.  Manufactured waste can repurposed within concrete formulas.  Concrete is more durable than asphalt and requires less maintenance.  It can be cast into any shape by using a brush or stencil.  If you’re looking to enhance your home’s exterior presentation, a basket weave stamped driveway would yield the results you desire.  A stamped riverstone driveway stained in black or grey slate is perfect for a private country club, golf course or assisted living residence.

Commercial and Residential Applications

Concrete driveways are ideal for commercial and residential usage.  A beautifully stamped concrete parking lot would be sublime for a dental office.  With the right sealant, oil and grease stains can be mitigated.  We highly recommend a driveway stamped with a flagstone stencil for three to five star restaurants.  You never get a second chance to make a first impression.  As your customers are driving up your immaculate driveway they are expecting excellence.  You can command higher price points when excellence is expected and delivered in the form of a superior product or service.  Resurfacing your existing concrete driveway is a quick and easy way to upgrade your home’s exterior.

Time Span

Concrete takes 48 to 72 hours to completely cure.  From install to finish, you can expect a minimum to two days.  You may walk on it within 6 hours after installation.  It will be vehicle worthy in 72 hours.  After drying we will need to return to add any additional stains and sealants.  Our artisans will also touch up any minor imperfections.  After about three days, you will have an exterior work of art that should last you up to 35 years and beyond.  A driveway’s lifespan is heavily dependent upon usage and weather conditions.  From January to December temperatures can range from -5 degrees to 100+ in Charlotte.  Fortunately, we install seams in the surface to allow for normal expansion and contraction during the four seasons.


With a proper two coat sealant your concrete driveway will be impervious to oil, grease and salt.  A conservative lifespan estimate is 20 to 30 years for concrete driveways.  When your driveway is installed by Charlotte Concrete Designs it is guaranteed to last 35 years and beyond with proper maintenance.  Every two years we recommend another coat of sealant.  We may need to acid treat or seal cracks in the interim.  The color stain you select will also play a major role in maintaining the look of your driveway.  We invite you to step outside of your comfort zone and select a stencil and color that is on the edge of what you would normally choose.

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