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Custom concrete patios provide the perfect blend between form and function. The most beautiful patios you will ever experience are artisan concrete patios.  Whether your style is traditional or modern, we are able to design a custom patio for your home.   Concrete patios are very labor intensive and require patience, teamwork and attention to detail.  We can install a patio in your backyard or on the side of your home.  Outdoor break areas are increasingly popular with new startups.  Wood and composite patios cannot compete when compared to concrete’s durability and maintenance free characteristics.  Contact Charlotte Concrete Designs for a beautiful decorative concrete patio.

The Process Part 1

We start with a good structural fill soil.  The ideal soil is one that does not absorb a lot of water.  If the structural soil is porous, it will transfer the moisture to the concrete.  To maintain your patio beyond 35 years we will source a non-porous soil for the foundation.  Concrete lasts longer when it has stable, non moving soil underneath it.  Next, we pack the dirt with a thousand pound plate packer.  After this process, we utilize a heavy duty road based fabric to separate the base material from the sub base material.  This feature will give your concrete patio the extra layer of strength it needs to stand the test of time.

The Process Part 2

Depending on the details of the site and the job required our concrete installers must decide if they are going to use mesh or rebar reinforced concrete.  A team of two to three installers will then screed the surface to even it out with a 2x4.  A bull float is employed to level and smooth out any imperfections.  While the concrete is wet, we can finish with simple brush strokes or get creative with stamping stencils.  We have at least 50 different types of stencils to choose from.  You may even create a custom stencil of your own.  After staining, we spray two coats of sealant to protect your patio from oil, grease and salt corrosion.

Residential Patio

A beautiful patio is an extension of your indoor space.  Once you view the finished product, you will be inspired to host intimate dinner parties and the occasional baby and bridal shower.  A gorgeous patio can serve as a launching pad to a refreshing dip in the pool.  As the number one concrete patio contractors in the Charlotte metropolitan area, we have installed patios from Kings Mountain to Norwood.  Perhaps the home your purchased came with a generic cedar patio.  Even though it wasn’t your style you went ahead with the purchase with plans to renovate the backyard.  Replace that old patio with a customized, artisan concrete patio from Charlotte Concrete Designs.

Finishing, Stains and Stamping

Oh, the compliments you’ll receive when you choose Charlotte Concrete Designs!  The finishing is precisely why we love what we do.  When our clients see the final reveal, they are stunned and in total amazement.  Your patio is designed to enhance the enjoyment of your outdoor space.  Choose from over 50 distinct stencils to mimic brick, cobble, blue, lime and brownstone.  Get carried away with circle and diamond patterns.  Complete the look with a beautiful header or fan.  The perfect stain will really make your custom patio come to life.  You can enjoy your patio year round with an angled outdoor heat lamp.

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