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Stamping is a wonderful way to add dimension and detail to an array of concrete applications. Various concrete stencils can be applied to flooring, countertops, driveways, fireplace mantels, fire pit borders and pool trimming.  In addition to experience, concrete stamping requires a heightened attention to particulars and patience.  At Charlotte Concrete Designs we consider ourselves to be stamped concrete Charlotte NC artisans.  It takes a delicate hand and creative eye to discern the appropriate stain, accent and finishing techniques to use.  Stamped concrete is appropriate for commercial and residential spaces.  Contact us today for a complimentary consultation.

Concrete Benefits

There are several benefits to using concrete as opposed to asphalt, brick, marble or synthetic materials.  Concrete requires almost zero maintenance.  Once the concrete specialist applies two coats of sealer, you are good to go.  Every few years, depending on the degree of usage, you may want to have us apply a third coat of sealant as a precautionary measure. Concrete is less expensive per square foot in comparison to brick or marble.  It is malleable before it sets and cures.  We can literally put it in any shape you desire.  Concrete is water resistant which makes it perfect for countertops and driveways.  If properly installed, your concrete driveway will not crack during the freeze/thaw cycle.

Commercial and Residential Usage

Stamped concrete is perfect for both residential and commercial usage.  Higher end shopping centers should consider stamped concrete walkways for outdoor appeal.  It commands attention from a wealthier demographic, speaks of prosperity and makes it easier for retailers to command a higher price point.  Stamped concrete is also great for outdoor break and smoke areas.  A picturesque walkway leading up to your front door is stunning.  With the proper lighting, the architectural details of your home and walkway will be highlighted.  A backyard patio constructed from stamped and stained concrete is not only eye-catching but durable.  The stains available are nearly infinite because standard colors can be combined to yield a marble or layered effect.

Staining and Color

You may choose from a water base stain in hues of orange, blue, green, red and brown.  Purple, grey and black are also available.  We can apply stains to newly poured concrete slabs or pre-existing structures.  The color of the stain will vary slightly depending on if it is applied to a grey or white surface.  Acid stains are designed to bond with the concrete surface and will not chip or peel.  Water based stains are more ecologically friendly and tend to be more opaque when applied.  Stains are an excellent way to bring your design to life.  It is only one additional step in the entire process of concrete installation and is surprisingly economically efficient.


The applications for stamped concrete vary widely.  Stand out from your neighbors with a Mediterranean stamped driveway and universal circle detailed center.  Stain it in varying shades of gold and brown to compliment your home’s exterior.  Enhance your curb appeal with an elegant serpentine stamped walkway.  Stain it in antique red to match your front door.  If you have a modern style kitchen, a concrete countertop will only enhance your kitchen’s minimalist aesthetic.  We can install a precast countertop or pour it onsite.  Concrete surfaces work well as table tops in restaurants and homes.  As an artisan concrete contractor, we can create just about anything you can imagine using concrete for any of your concrete needs including patio paver installations.

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