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Stained Concrete PatioPerhaps you discovered us by typing, ‘concrete stain contractors near me’. Look no further because we are the premiere concrete staining company within the Charlotte metropolitan area. Our superior craftsmanship and high level of professionalism is what sets us apart. Contact us when you seek to upgrade your abode. We are adept at doing interior and exterior concrete jobs. From modern kitchen sinks and countertops to fancy multi-level outdoor decks we leave satisfied customers in our wake. We invite you to ask around and you will discover that our reputation precedes us. As residents of Charlotte, we are steeped in the community and take pride in knowing that we have provided such a valuable service to hundreds of homeowners and independent businesses just like us.

We entered this business over 15 years ago because we were looking for a creative outlet within the home improvement and construction industries. Imagine our surprise when we discovered that much of our competition cut corners and did not offer quality service. Many were scam artists that ran off with local resident’s money. This revelation made us want to be better and to engage in ethical business practices at all times. We won’t agree to take on a job if we feel that we don’t have the capacity. You can trust that we won’t price gouge you because we are able to operate efficiently without taking advantage of our neighbors. Our prices are reasonable and below market value. With Charlotte Concrete Designs we promise you high quality service at a low cost.

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