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At Charlotte Concrete Designs we are part technical specialists and part artisan.  Applying stain to concrete takes more than know-how to yield a stunning appearance.  What good is spending time and money on an upgrade that doesn’t solicit the compliments and effects you desire?  We must first prep the surface of your concrete before applying the acid resistant stain.  A water based stain is typically used on interiors and acid stains are used on exterior surfaces.  Of course this will vary from project to project.  We can apply a stain to textured surfaces with a spray pump.  It is possible to stain ceilings and flooring using proven techniques.

Surface Prepping

When staining pre-existing concrete we must first clean the surface with a high strength 3500 PSI pressure washer to remove dirt, oil, grease, dead foliage and any deteriorating concrete.  When our competitors ignore this process or neglect to clean thoroughly, stains will deteriorate quickly.  We then patch any cracks, crevices and gaping holes.  The artisan will then use a sanding machine with abrasive pads to open up the concrete pores and allow for easy stain absorption.  Afterwards we rinse the surface again then commence to applying the stain.  We prefer to use a pump sprayer rather than a roller to eliminate roller imprints.

Types of Stains and Colors Available

The options available to you are endless.  Our sales representative will do her best not to overwhelm you.  Like with any color, you are able to blend complementary stains together to obtain a unique stain unlike any other.  If you’d like a marble effect, we can accomplish this with a spray application.  Stains really bring out any circle or design patterns that we may have installed.  The colors range from various shades of red, blue, green, yellow and brown tones.  Hues of purple, black and grey are viable options as well.  Every color you can imagine is available in acid and water based stains.


A stained concrete countertop is absolutely stunning.  If your kitchen has a minimalist, modern design, opt for a concrete sink and countertop.  We can install a pre-molded sink or pour the sink and countertop on site.  Most people want their front door to be the focal point of their home’s exterior.  Making the walkway and driveway the optical focal point by staining them in a bright, vibrant blue-green color will make you stand out amongst your neighbors.  You may have seen stained concrete flooring in coffee shops around town because it is a durable yet economic option for commercial flooring.  Stained residential concrete flooring can be ideal for lofts and open plan homes.

Commercial and Residential Staining

Stained concrete is beautiful in commercial and residential spaces.  After stamping your logo visible from the entry way as soon as you enter your brewery, we can apply a durable stain that complements your interior.  Concrete is impervious to beer and other water based beverages.  It can also withstand high usage.  For a minimalist appeal in your home, opt for concrete stained flooring.  If you prefer a more traditional look, pouring a concrete patio, stamped with a flanders stencil and stained with umber and harvest colors will result in the conservative aesthetic that you prefer.  An experienced sales representative can assist you in selecting a color that will last for years to come.

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